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Vertical content creation

Vertical content creation

Since the emergence of Instagram and Snapchat, the way in which creators develop their content for the audience has completely changed. From the horizontal format of Vimeo and YouTube, we have moved on to consuming videos and images vertically using the most viral tools at the moment: stories, reels and tik tok.

To start with, in  1NA Agencia Digital,  we want to share with you some statistics that will help you understand the importance of vertical content within your marketing strategy.

  • Two experimental studies showed that mobile device users process vertical video ads more fluidly than horizontal video ads.
  • The 2021 launch of vertical content on YouTube enabled the platform to achieve growth of 15 billion daily users on average.
  • Vertical videos on TikTok have a 25% higher complete viewing rate.



  • Accustomed to reading and understanding images from left to right, vertical perception, from top to bottom, should be encouraged. GIFs, typographic animations or basic elements of movement will attract much more attention. Taking advantage of the available space can differentiate the content from other creators who still work with horizontal thinking.
  • There is a tendency to go for the more natural side and get rid of the idea of the overly produced; something that is combined with what we will call "around the office" (or backstage) content, which provides a more complete and human view of a brand's profile.
  • Have you ever lost interest in reading something too long? Explain your message concisely and clearly, this will help capture and hold attention, it's also more likely to be memorable and have a lasting impact on your audience. While brevity doesn't come naturally to everyone, it does take some effort to be specific and develop this fundamental skill in content creation. 


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