Contents - Web Design: A creative universe that drives the online experience.

Web Design: A creative universe that drives the online experience.

Web Design: A creative universe that drives the online experience.

In an increasingly competitive digital world, differentiating your company is vital for growth. Seventy-five percent of an online site's credibility comes from web design. Therefore, it is important that when creating a corporate website or improving the one you already have, you know how to do it in a creative and effective way, focusing on creating a satisfactory user experience. 

What is web design? 

Web design focuses on making the visual part of digital environments and materials. It takes care of layouts and interfaces of digital platforms such as a website or an app and makes a visible and functional configuration for the user by distributing and conceptualizing various elements. 

The appearance of your website is the first impression that a visitor takes of your brand and can invite or alienate those who enter it. Therefore, remember that every project must respect the basic principles of web design to be functional, compatible and eye-catching.  

What is the importance of web design?

In professional web design it is essential to know how to make compositions respecting the brand image and personality. We show you why web design is important for a brand and in any personal, professional and commercial environment.

  • You get global visibility

  • You attract potential clients

  • You stand out from the competition

  • You gain in positioning 

Web design features 

In order to be a good web design, it must have several features to be eye-catching and functional; the combination of these features guarantees the success of the project.  These are the fundamental characteristics that you must take into account for your web design: 

  • It is visual: The web design is above all visual to be attractive, so it uses graphic and textual elements, images, videos, colors and all the aspects that in harmony will create a pleasant space in which visitors will want to navigate.  
  • Allow a fast loading: The website must load quickly and not offer obstacles for navigation. For this, an appropriate programming language must be used, among other aspects.
  • It is responsive: Web design must create projects that adapt perfectly to any device on which a user navigates. Fact, today it is more important to give priority to mobile design, more than 64% of internet searches are done through a cell phone.
  • It is intuitive: It must be simple and present a clear logic that anyone can understand.  
  • It is optimized: The work of the web designer, nowadays, goes hand in hand with web development and content generators, because together they will be responsible for optimizing a website to gain positioning in search engines.
  • It presents a structure: Web design is order, harmony and distribution of elements. This is an essential feature to generate effective projects, since a website requires a specific structure. 
  • Maintains coherence: It responds to guidelines such as who it is directed to, the guidelines of the brand voice and perhaps certain specific requests to meet clear objectives. So it must be consistent with all this. 
  • It is interactive: Being web, interactive is part of its DNA. A web design must be thought to connect and link to the web world, by means of hyperlinks or links to the inside of the site itself or to the outside. 
  • It is communicative: Web design without intention is only a good image, so this feature gives meaning to what you do. All the elements in particular and as a whole must communicate, inform, propose or promote, from the contents to the image. That is why elements such as calls to action, forms, banners and other aspects that create a bridge between users and a brand are used.
  • It is highly functional: The usability that today is so sought after is a feature that you can not forget for web design. It is useless to be attractive if it is not effective. Usability allows the functionality of all the elements that make up a website, which allows users to navigate smoothly. 

Achieving a creative, efficient and effective web design is possible. Contact us now, we can help you improve your work and optimize any of your projects.


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